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We Need Your Help

8 January 2014

Some, maybe the majority of you will be aware that behind the scenes of what you see on a Monday or Friday evening there is a team of parents and other volunteers involved with the Groups Executive Committee.

The Exec� Committee is responsible to the financial operation of the Scout Group and the general care of the Scout HQ.

At the end of last year our Group Secretary Antonia Graham stepped down to allow her more time to prepare lesson plans for her new teaching role at Ashlyns School, together with concentrating on her role as an Assistant Cub Leader.

This leaves a gap in the committee which we would like to fill as soon as possible. If you are able to assist or might know somebody that may be able to fill this role for us please get in-touch. To aid I have set out a few pointers below.


  1. The Group Executive Committee meets very third Thursday i.e once a month at the Scout HQ, from 8pm to approx. 9.15pm.
  2. The Secretary�s role is to take notes during these meetings and produce monthly minutes.
  3. As a member of the Executive Committee there are occasions when attending fund raising activities are required.
  4. The Exec Committee support the Group Section Leaders allowing them to provide the wonderful activities that all our young members enjoy.


Please e-mail, call or speak directly to me or one of the Section Leaders if you would like to understand more about the role and how you could assist us.

Many thanks.

Graham Eades

Group Scout Leader

1st Chesham Scout Group

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